Rwanda Red Cross supported 300 families affected by heavy rains and windstream disasters in the end of 2017 and earlier this 2018 in Huye and Bugesera Districts.

In response to the call of affected families in 17 sectors of Huye and Bugesera districts, Rwanda Red Cross distributed 5100 iron sheets to 300 families from the two districts with the support from Spanish Red Cross. Each family received 17 iron sheets, a hoe, a watering can, a pick fork, and a shovel.

“My home rooftop was demolished by wind-stream in the middle of the night when we were all asleep and collapsed. Then it started raining on us during that very long night. But by God’s grace, I managed to survive with all my 7 children.”

Nyiranteziryayo Speciose a single mother of 7 is one of the 123 households most affected by heavy rains that hit Bugesera district in Rwanda ’s Eastern Province whose husband left alone with kids after disasters, received iron sheets and non-food supplies including agriculture materials from Rwanda Red Cross Society (RRCS)

“We really appreciate this Rwanda Red Cross support to the local communities affected by disasters. But as we always reminds you don’t be expecting for every days help. Good enough, Rwanda Red Cross gave you some agriculture materials to help you going back to your fields. ” Said Mukura Sector Executive Secretary

The local Governance representative addressing to beneficiaries

“Rwanda Red Cross helps the most vulnerable, and in this concept we work closely with the local governance to guide our volunteers while identifying who are in need the most. We know that this aid is not going to solve all the problems caused by the disasters but at least we managed to offer a small number of iron sheets and basics agriculture materials, hoping that you will be able to maintain them. We shall continue to be with you as we always did,” said Ndimbati Pierre Claver, Rwanda Red Cross

To contribute to a social environment of love for the disaster victims, Rwanda Red Cross had visited affected families after the incidents, provided a moral and financial support to restore their household life, access to safe water, food security and promotion of good health practices.

Detailed assessments conducted indicated that the heavy rains which hit From October 2017 to January 2018 caused floods and landslides that claimed more than 230 lives countrywide, destroyed crops and a lot of infrastructure including roads, bridges, schools, and houses.